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Established: 2001
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Liberty X

Liberty X were formed in 2001, after they were not chosen for the official 'Popstars' group, who later became Hear'Say. Michelle, Kevin, Tony, Kelly and Jessica were part of a brand new group called Liberty. Their first single 'Thinking It Over' cracked the UK Top 5, surprising fans and sceptics alike, who thought that Liberty was even going to struggle to obtain a Top 40 placing in the UK singles chart. A second single was quickly planned, which materialized into 'Doin' It'. 'Doin' It' did not chart as well as their debut, making a modest impact at #14. Furthermore, news wasn't all that good for 'Liberty', which wasalso currently facing a demand thanks to their name, eventually leading the group to change the aforementioned 'Liberty'. Fans' opinions were used for this, and an extra 'X' was added to their name to avoid the lawsuit; in result, 'Liberty X' was created. After this peculiar situation and with a massive pop stomper in their hands, Liberty X scored themselves a UK #1 hit with 'Just A Little', making them the 'Cool' alternative to their contemporanies, Hear'Say. 'Just A Little' ended as the 9th best selling single of 2002. To continue the massive string of success, both 'Thinking It Over' and 'Got To Have Your Love' stormed the Top 3 in both albums and singles charts, also followed by another Top 10 success, 'Holding On For You'. Their debut album eventually received several platinum awards, for sales over 1 million in the UK alone. The band's second album 'Being Somebody' followed, which was already represented by another 3 Top 20 massive hit singles, 'Being Nobody', 'Jumpin' and 'Everybody Cries'. 'Being Somebody' sold over 200,000 copies all over the United Kingdom. In 2005, their third offering 'X' was released, which is their least succesful album to date. Nevertheless, it spawned another 2 Top 10 singles, the anthemic 'Song 4 Lovers' which featured Run DMC and 'A Night To Remember', the Children In Need 2005 Official Track, which was later added to the album re-release. The third single to be released from the album was the title track 'X', which due to lack of promotion and terrible management, limped at #47, killing the album's chance to climb the charts. 'X' peaked at #27 in October of 2005, and sold over 50.000 copies. Sadly, and in spite of their good will, in May of 2007 the band announced that they were splitting up because "the music world has changed too much since we began". They are all still friends and are currently working on solo projects. A 'Best Of' album is apparently in order, and will include the group's hit singles, as well as previously unreleased tracks.

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A Night To Remember
A Night To Remember

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