About this site

This site was created to promote my DJ and Karaoke services. If you hire me for your event, however, this site provides much much more! For starters, clients will receive access to my music collection and advanced feaures such as the ability to search for music and karaoke, create event playlists, listen to sound clips and watch video previews.

Finding music

Finding music is easy! Log in to view some of the latest tracks or browse and search for music using the music search tool. You can also view my karaoke list. Once you find a track you are interested in, you can preview it by pressing the play button under the album art. If you are currently at an event, check out my live page to make requests or chat on social media.

To make things even easier, information is cross-referenced wherever possible to help you explore. For example: click an artist name to get information on that particular artist or band; click on a genre and you will initiate a search based on the genre you have selected.

Music is updated regularly and every effort has been made to help keep the music collection clean and error-free. With such a large music collection, however, it is possible that something might not be quite right. If by chance you find a mistake somewhere or have any suggestions, please contact me and let me know.

If you haven't already, please check out the About DJ Tech page to learn more about me. Enjoy!

The legal stuff

If I am hired for your event, please note that I am being compensated for my performance and equipment useage - not for any music played at the event venue or on this site. Music is intellectual property and may be subject to copyright from various artists and/or recording labels.

If you enjoy particular songs, please support the artists by purchasing their music through legitimate means. If hired, please note that it is the customer's responsibility to secure any licenses or special permissions that may be necessary to legally play such music at the event.